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The Few…The Proud…and the comforters of Job April 12, 2008

American Soldier by Toby Keith

Patriotic Medley

If I hear another talking head say….”We support our troops…we love our military service men and women…they are our national treasure!”… followed by how wrong the missions they embark on are, how wrong it is that they are defending our country in another, how terrible it is that we are sacrificing “our boys” in a war that is simply no longer popular….. I WILL PUKE. Consider this blog that: Word Puke.

I am the proud wife of a Marine. My husband…my family…is serving our country now, and has for the past twelve years. Out of those twelve years he has deployed five times, four have been served in combat. He has flown over 2300 hours, and has 17 air medals (many with valor) amoung the other commendations to his credit. He has done so willingly, modestly, without complaint because he loves his family and his country. Our family…my children… have sacrificed milestones, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, births, deaths …time…peace of mind…for this country; for you. We are not alone. There are thousands more who have, and are, defending our freedom with life, limb and time. They are patriots. A patriot is “one who loves their country and supports its authority and interests.” They go when called upon to defend life and liberty; you and me. Through their bootprints and our tears, we have earned the right to be called citizens of this country… not only because we were privileged and blessed by God to have been born here, but because when called, they answer and we support.  

Unbelievably, there are those that feel the need to put a hand on my shoulder to commiserate and comfort me for our sacrifice…

“Tell your husband thank you for his service…but you know, I just don’t support anything he is being made to do right now.”

Like they expect me to support their position?

No. Hell no.

I tell them, isn’t nice that my husband is “over there”, that my family and many others are sacrificing peace of mind and time…so that you have the freedom…the right…. to think and speak that way. You see this nation has forgotten that WE send the military. We DO. They serve us. They defend us. Whether you voted for Bush or Gore… whether you will vote for McCain or Hill-bama…. we the people, send the military. The majority speaks, and though we may be divided… become one once they do.

So don’t try that post-Vietnam politically correct… we must at least appear to love the Marine on the front line even if we don’t support anything they do…crap. You see for all intents and purposes, they are the mission. Hard to seperate… near impossible. Those that wear the uniform, and the military families that support them, consciously put the interests of their nation above their own personal interests and comforts. My husband, those that serve our country, are models of what civic virtue should be. They recognize that with rights come responsibilities. With what generation have we lost this basic equation?

We have instead become a nation of pompous, entitled brats that don’t feel the need to serve the country we owe our freedom and liberty to. I think that if you desire to exert control over the fate of our country then you should be prepared to sacrifice for the life of it. Perhaps, this is the downfall of a volunteer only force… we don’t ask our young men and women to truly defend our liberty anymore. Instead, we have become a nation that feels free to spout unsupported, politically correct…yet often incorrect tripe without any forethought to the consquences that may follow… just to fill a 24 hour news addiction.

….at least, that is how it appears on the surface. You see, I fall into the camp which believes that the politicians, the media, those that think they control public opinion and polls…are sorely out of touch with who American’s really are and what they believe. I think if they would come from their high towers and talk to you, and me….for the most part, they would be shocked that we don’t think like they do…have never thought like they have…and never want to.

So why do we allow them to control the public forum and yell louder than any from a bully pulpit? When do we get to regain the sanity…and majesty that this country really is about?

I am, 

a Proud Marine Wife




4 Responses to “The Few…The Proud…and the comforters of Job”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Last Friday, we buried my dad, who happened to be a Marine who served in the Korean War. He never made a big deal of his service, but I was always proud of him for it.

    We had the honor guard at the cemetery with the gun salute, taps, and the presentation of the flag to my mom. I could see how impressed my nieces and nephews were; it was a good memory for them to associate with their grandfather.

  2. Kym Says:

    I popped over from the lovely comment you left on my blog about the fog photograph I made. And read your incredibly passionate, heartfelt essay.

    And am near tears because–I completely disagree that you can’t be against the war and for the troops and yet I see what you are saying.

    I thought about just leaving quietly–what right have I to add pain when you and your family are sacrificing so much.

    But, we are both writers which is all about communicating. If we, the communicators, won’t speak to each other but only to like minded people this country will split.

    So, I’ll say my piece in the hopes that you will take it in the spirit I intended it–respectfully disagreeing with you

    …A young friend just joined the Air Force. I went to his going away party loving him and hating the choice he made.

    I do not support this war. I have not supported it since the beginning. I cannot support it now (although I’m somewhat concerned that we have made a mess and the mother in me believes that when you make a mess you stay until you’ve cleaned up.)

    I do not believe it serves my country well to agree with it when I believe it is wrong. I am not the blindly loyal type. Yes, it is comforting when our friends all rally round us and shout loudly that the other side is an idiot. But, I appreciate the friend who looks me in the eye and says, “I love you but I believe this and this you did are wrong.”

    I admire the courage of your husband and others who think this war is right and are willing to put their lives on the line to support that belief–as much as I admire the Iraqi’s who believe their fighting is freeing their country and are willing to defend their beliefs with their lives. (Oh God, I’ll bet that isn’t a very popular position with you.)

    I don’t want our country to be in Iraqi and I’ll continue to support that position. In my opinion, when the majority speaks and we become one, we are still free to disagree and try to change the will of the country even though we follow the resulting laws as far as we morally can.

    So therefore, I hurt for you and your family. I respect your sacrifices but I don’t believe this war is morally right nor financially sound. Respectfully, I differ from you.

    I hope my disagreement with you has not added to your pain but just offered you another perspective.

  3. goodtimepolitics Says:

    A very well said post about our great military men and women of all races from all walks of life. I myself was in the military once, I served in the North Carolina Army NG, The US Air Force, Regular US Army and worked civil service for the US Navy. I’m now retired and depend on the young people in the military to protect my rights and my home land The United States of America. I know our young men and women are in Iraq and some are dieing for the cause of freedom for the Iraqis and US interests abroad. We also had troops in World War II that died for the same causes, and in SK which are still there. No one wants to be at war but we have to do what it takes for security of The American people and their allies!

  4. Betty Says:

    I completely relate to everything you wrote, even if it’s two years ago. Thank for writing this!

    Fellow Marine Wife,


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