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Just Browsing? April 23, 2008

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Here are some of my favorite posts…what are you in the mood for?

If you are looking for funny family moments… read my personal favorites Laundry Day Blues and What, No Shoes? Just Go Naked and Mr. Piano man

If you are looking for some great writing tips … read The Write Tool of the Week and Write Tool Butt Glue or if you want to participate in our collaborative blog novel, Manicure Mafia

Looking for some politics and religion? The Few, The Proud and the Comforters of Job and American Idol Shouts to the Lord

If you want mush and love read A Marriage Turns Nine

If you want a slice of military life and the world according to the Corps read Another Sandbox Tour

If you are looking for Artsy and Esotaric read Instant Art-ification.

Please feel free to comment. I read all entries…send back a personal thanks and a visit (and comment 🙂 on your blog. I try, most days, to add new posts…so if you like what you read, subscribe to my blog and add me to your blogroll.

Thanks for stopping in! Amie


5 Responses to “Just Browsing?”

  1. Kym Says:

    Amie, I just read on a blog called Get More Traffic that you should link internally to your own posts. For some reason the search engines like that.

    (Since you are giving me such good tips. I thought I’d pass on that one to you 8) )

  2. writetools Says:

    Kym – great idea…any clue how? I tried clicking on the get more traffic link above and it’s not working for me.

  3. Kym Says:

    Let me try embedding my link again. The post is by Visit W3Schools!
    target=”_blank”>Get more traffic.

  4. Kym Says:

    Get More Traffic.

    I think that one will work. Embedding code is my new goal to be more professional but I’m having a bit of trouble.

  5. Kym Says:

    Hooray, I did it.

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