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Another Sandbox Tour April 26, 2008


 The Marines have called again.

 My husband has answered, again.

He is off to serve our country in Iraq, again (Tour #4).

We affectionately call this tour, “The Sandbox”. Out of our 9 years of marriage, this will be our 6th deployment… 5th combat tour.

This one will be the longest he has ever gone. He will miss: my son’s preschool graduation, end of school parties, his brother’s ordination, our summer vacation, my daughters birthday, his birthday, the first day of third grade and kindergarten, my son’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. When my husband leaves, my daughter will be 7 and son 5. When he returns my daughter will be 8 and son 6. Those are just the big events. He will miss field trips, loose teeth, new teeth, skinned knees, 2 wheel bike victories…..  The downside of deployment.

But you see…attitude is everything. After my little pity party here, we will pick up and keep going.

In fact, let’s try to find a silver lining now…

Top 10 upsides to deployment: (Amie’s guide to Delightful Deployments)

1. We have a rule, no TV’s in bedrooms… I however, love to watch tv and fall asleep… so, the day he leaves, the extra TV packed away in the garage comes out and onto the dresser. My kids and I look forward to movie night, snuggled together under the blankets.

2. get to change your hairstyle (I cut it off the day after he leaves), change colors… whatever…it’s hair… dye washes and hair grows a lot in 8 months.

3. Retail Therapy… the just opened a new pottery barn outlet! Spend that tax free money.  (but I do recommend taking it easy… it’s a lot harder to pay it off in the back-end.)

4. Paint, wallpaper… re-tile, re-carpet, redecorate… re-whatever, the lamps are all yours….

5. ….so is the remote control. Also, ther is more room on the DVR for Men In Trees and chick shows, without having Battlestar Galactic, Future Weapons… well,  generally any sci-fi, military or history channel shows taking up your valuable DVR space.

6. Travel… to wherever, go and see YOUR parents… Seattle, here I come… who cares if it rains on July 4th!

7. Shopping List… paper plates, paper towels, paper cups, plastic silverware… 8 months of no dishes, priceless!… oh, and I highly recommend Take-out chef’s.

8. stay up until 2 am writing, blogging, scrap-booking, painting…. any ing’s you want. Just crash in one of your kids beds when you run out of steam… because they are inevitably in yours.

9. Less laundry

and #10… put out as many candles, throw pillows, plants… chick movies, romance novels, flannel pj’s and bon-bons as you like 🙂

 of course, I would gladly give them up for my husband to share the next 8 months with us.

I love you honey, and will miss you.

So, if you think of it, drop a prayer for us….and check back on this blog often to follow the adventure our next 8 months will be.




10 Responses to “Another Sandbox Tour”

  1. ridgewalker Says:

    omg, I grew up in Seattle, well outside really on Bainbridge Island. #8 would be my favorite. GL to you and your family.

  2. writetools Says:

    Colored clouds on the 4th of July, is personally my favorite way to celebrate. You know, I try to tell him that it is always to rainiest, cloudiest day of the summer…and the rest is beautiful… but I haven’t convinced him of it yet. Thanks for your good wishes.

  3. Shari Says:

    I can not imagine how difficult this all is. Sending up prayers for you and your family right now….

  4. writetools Says:

    Thanks Shari, appriciate them!

  5. shelirae Says:

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog (! Seems we have much in common…I relate so much to your posts as well! I pray daily for our military and their FAMILIES and I will certainly call out your name for safety, endurance, and a quick passing of time–all the things we wives need, except patience…we all know better than to pray for patience! I look forward to keeping up with you guys as well!

  6. Kym Says:

    Amie, #11 Cheerios for dinner!

    But, I only have to deal once a month or so. If my husband were going to be gone as long as yours and into a war zone, I’d pull the covers over my head and cry!

    I hope you have lots of chocolate.

  7. jenn shabro Says:

    Amie, you rock!! I love your outlook on life! You did forget slumber parties. Lets have a girls night at your house eating lots of processed food, chocolate and chick flicks. Something that makes us cry and has Collin Firth or Hugh Grant in it. They are always in chick flicks. Head up, eyes forward and always, always on the Lord my friend. jenn

  8. writetools Says:

    Oh Jen…how could I ever forget Colin Firth… uhhh… you are so right… Pride and Prejudice for 8 hours always cheers me up and makes the laundry get folded faster! LOL

  9. beingmade Says:

    I WILL be praying. Thank you for your comment on my bloggy whine. 😉

    And I agree with your list. Blockbuster sees more of me renting chick-flicks when Husband is gone… And Dude–I can clean at 10 p.m. if I want to! I don’t have to do it before 5. 😉

  10. Hey there!
    Mom told me about Mike leaving. Brian and I will say our prayers for him and you guys every night! Maybe a trip to Omaha could be #12. But man, that Pottery Barn outlet would be sweet, too.

    Love ya-

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