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Help…Do I Mac or PC? April 28, 2008

Ok, I know that I am igniting a feud… on a Hatfield vs McCoy proportion… but I honestly need help. So, for all you Mac Genius’s and PC Savants… here is the question. I am looking at purchasing a new laptop…and am not sure if I should leave my old PC behind for a Mac, or stick with what I know. So, in order to guide your advice…I have listed what I actually use my computer for currently…

1. Writing – I am only willing to use Microsoft Word…I am to old to learn a new word processing program. I write books, and other such rambles and rants. What is the benefit of having a Mac to all you writer gra-uppies (uhh…granola-yuppies)  out there?

2. Graphic Design – I like to dabble. I co-produce a country music show and design all the marketing materials for it. I also do side projects for friends…ect… generally in Corel.

3. Photographs – I probably have close to 40,000 digital photographs with no sign of stopping. I love photo shop, and love to edit… we call them butt-be-gone photos…guaranteed that our children will always remember us skinny 🙂 I would like to have a better way of cataloging them.

4. Blog, obviously…although I plan to expand this. I do most of my news, friends, browsing online… mp3’s, dvd sometimes

5. I do use spreadsheets, writing software, some power point, some access DB’s… but not on a daily basis.

6. Games – I like to play, however I am not a Warcraft or other huge graphics gamer…. Diner Dash does me fine

7. I like to multi-task, have multiple windows and programs open at the same time….I often research online while I write, listen to music or podcast, have photos open…

8. Regardless of what I purchase, we will still have a PC Desktop. It will need to be on speaking terms with it on our home network.

What I would like to start doing….

1. Video editing

2. Sound Files/ “Podcast” some of my self made audio files, lectures I have given, travel sound files

So, with that said… what do you think? Is it worth the BIG investment to switch to a Mac. I have, literally, 10-15 years worth of time, software, “corporate knowledge”, files wrapped up into a PC. It is a HUGE Paradigm shift…and I need to know how a Mac will be better for me than a PC…or, is it even worth it. Anyone out there have experience with taking the plunge? Love it? Hate it? Regrets? … Help!

My fellow bloggers… why Mac? why PC?

…Here is a funny little video I found that will make you chuckle… BE WARNED…it is South Park. So the language is a little raunchy in places…if that offends you, don’t even click.


16 Responses to “Help…Do I Mac or PC?”

  1. Garoh Says:

    BTW. The video link doesn’t work. It points to the image up top. Or isn’t only my “work PC” acting up? =)

  2. Amie,

    Thanks for swinging by my blog. I came here to see the Mac Vs PC video and then had a read of your post. You may have invited yourself a flamewar 🙂

    Anyway, if it’s a choice of “either/or” then you should go for the Intel-based Mac. This allows you to keeps your “corporate knowledge” and still allow you to experience the world of Mac – as you can install Boot Camp to dual boot OS X and Windows or install Parallels and run Windows virtually within OS X. I’ve happily got Macs talking with Windows machines on home networks, so it’s completely doable – but is a small bit technical. If you’re comfortable with that then it’s no barrier.

    Personally, I’ve run Paralells on a Mac and it’s been a joy. It means you can buy a Mac laptop and try a new environment whilst not having to sacrifice the knowledge, experience, software and files built up from the Windows years. It also means that you have more software to choose from when it comes to deciding which video editing or podcasting tools you would like to use, as you then would have both a Mac and a Windows platform at your disposal.


    Thanks Michael! I appriciate your experience and willingness to share it with me… worth inciting a flamewar over… LOL Amie

  3. writetools Says:

    Thanks Michael, your experience and willingness to share it with me is worth braving the flames of laptop war.

    Garoh – thanks for the heads up, I think I fixed it… still working out the kinks 🙂

  4. Garoh Says:

    Amie, I posted a rather long and detailed reply to this post (prior to the my reply about the video link) but I was not able to see it, or repost it.

    I’ll try to post it again.

  5. benplumb Says:

    Nice article (great looking blog too), thanks for that, made interesting (and fun) reading while I should be working!


    Plumb Bathrooms UK

  6. writetools Says:

    Awe Tom, thanks for the kind words. I was going to make a joke about plumbing being slow today…but I couldn’t quite pull it off. Thanks for stopping by… Amie

  7. ridgewalker Says:

    Mac. You won’t regret it. At least I didn’t, but mostly I just use it for my writing. I have been through a half dozen word processors on the Mac, including MSWord, and currently use Apple Pages because it is so easy. MSWord was a pain to learn. The Mac seems to have taken a different approach in having an experience that is simple and intuitive. I’m rambling, so you can quit reading now and go buy your Mac

  8. Nancy Says:

    All I can say is that once you go Mac, you’ll NEVER go back! 🙂

    I made the switch five years ago, and it’s all good. I use Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, Adobe CS3 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash) as my primary applications on a 17″ widescreen laptop running Leopard OS.

    We have a wireless network in our home that I share with my husband and daughter who are both PC users. They play nice together, and we can share documents and images with no problems.

    And I’ve had NO computer crashes or errors of any kind in five years- ever since I switched. Macs are so easy to learn and use- you’ll have no problem learning it.

  9. writetools Says:

    You are all making a great case for it…. sounds more and more tempting….

  10. Elise Says:

    I switched to MAC about four years ago and have loved every crash-free minute since!
    We have a G4 desktop for the family and I also use a 17″ MacBook Pro, with an extra external hard drive for storing all my photos. I love iLife and am finally upgrading to ’08 and OS 10 Leopard in a couple of days. To organize my bazillion photos, I use Aperture, which is a pro program, but it integrates a lot of adjustments so I’m not opening up Photoshop except for a choice handful of photos.
    Hope that helps.

  11. YES YES YES!
    I spent 27 years on a PC and when my 4th one crashed I started looking at Macs. They always look so good.

    But I had SERIOUS DOUBTS about making the switch. I am obsessed with computers and didn’t want to have to learn a whole new system. I didn’t know if I could handle not having the “Start” menu. I worried about navigating around. No My Documents? No control panel? That made me scared.

    But spend a little time in an Apple store. That’s what we did.
    And I walked out with a new 24 inch iMac.

    I am here to tell you that within 30 seconds of having the new Mac on, I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PC AGAIN.

    No crashes, no weird error messages, you can still have word/excel/powerpoint, no having to shut down because you don’t know what to do. It really, really also opened more of a creative side to me. Macs are creative.

    And the brilliant thing about a Mac is that if you are ever in doubt of how to do something, it’s usually done in the most logical way. Want to move something THERE? do it. Where should I go for THAT? Exactly the first place you would guess.
    Very, very user friendly.

    The guy at the apple store also had a good point. Your Mac needs some help? Bring it into the store. Fixed. PC breaks, you have to call a number. And that sucks. I’ve had nothing but great experience when I have questions for any Mac technician.

    Seriously, I was the #1 doubter of macs and now I will be a mac-lover forever. They also offer free classes at the stores, if you even need them.

    I know you might consider it a big investment, but seriously. All GOOD computers cost the same. If you can find a PC cheaper, chances are it’s not going to be filled with the same fastness or memory or quality.

    Woah, I didn’t know I was that passionate about this.
    Keep us posted on your decision!


  12. I would have to say go with a MAC. I just made the switch last summer and have been AMAZED. It takes a little getting used to but it isn’t hard in the slightest. As a matter of fact if you MUST have windows you can put it on your MAC. I haven’t but I know you can. It is AWESOME! I love it. I have the imac, the iphone, the ipod and am working on getting a Mac Laptop. I LOVE MAC and will NEVER go back! Hope that helps, HUGS!

  13. Teri Says:

    I was a long time PC user and switched to MAC about a year ago and say SWITCH SWITCH SWITCH you won’t regret it a bit. I am the Assistant Editor of an online ezine and do all the work on my MAC and also a photographer and use my digital software for my business and all of it is 5 star.

    The Apple support staff is superior and if your an ipod or iphone user as well, you will love the tie in. Once you go MAC you will never go back. There will never be a need for virus protection, trojan danger, its all taken care of for you. You will be asking yourself “Why did I not do this sooner”?

  14. mammaren Says:

    Mac, all the way…

  15. brewster Says:

    mac. do not even waste time. mac it out…you will not regret it…

  16. Yozua Says:

    PC? What’s PC? ok ok I’m just kindding.

    Please, Switch.

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