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Slam Saturday July 12, 2008

The name of the game is Saturday Slam, everyone is welcome to play. I will give you a story theme and a sentence to start you off. You are allowed to write and add ONE SENTENCE. It doesn’t matter how long the sentence is, but it must be grammatically correct. Read the theme and the comments above you and add to the story. It can be dialogue, it could be character or setting development,  your choice…but the idea is that at the end we have a story. The game starts Saturday morning and I will close it out Sunday night, and then post the entire story on Monday. Invite your blog friends to join to, the more sentences…the better the story. If Saturday Slam is fun,  I will make it a regular feature. Ok here is your theme:



4 Responses to “Slam Saturday”

  1. writetools Says:

    “You can’t plump cardboard pillows,” Harvey growled.

  2. Heidi Says:

    “Sir, in the hospital we don’t make it pleasant for you know!!”

  3. Mac McCarty Says:

    Fuming, he wrestled the pillow from beneath his head and threw it in her direction.

  4. beingmade Says:

    She startled, gasped, and suddenly an expression not unlike Nurse Ratched’s came over her.

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